Add Digg Vote Button Counter Widget to Blogger

This tutorial explains how to integrate a Digg Button into your blogger template, which will be displayed in each of your blogger posts. The button displays the amount of times each post has been dugg and lets users digg directly from your blog.

Here are the Steps:

  1. Make sure to Backup your Template!
  2. Open your blogger template, click Expand Widget Templates, and search for the code below:
  3. Add this code below directly above the searched code above:
  4. Now Preview and Save your Template!

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HitTail: Increase Search Engine Traffic

HitTail is a great tool for those of your who want to increase your search engine traffic. The program will help you build up your less popular keywords which have much potential in terms of gaining search engine traffic. Once HitTail finds your less popular keywords, you can start plugging them into your posts, post-titles, meta-tags, etc.

  • In Plain Terms: HitTail is a keyword suggestion tool.
  • HitTail functions very differently from Google Analytics.

If you decide to give HitTail a shot, please share your thoughts in a comment below…

Start using HitTail (a free service)

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Most Popular Posts Widget

Guide your readers to the most popular and beloved content on your site. This widget gathers information from your blog feeds (rss) to determine the popularity of each of your posts on your blog. You can display your pages’ popularity based on this year, month, week, or today. The popularity is based on the amount of comments, diggs, bookmarks, click throughs, and backlinks.
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Entrecard Traffic Boost Widget

Entrecard enables bloggers big and small to get the chance to promote themselves to other bloggers, including the A-listers and famous ones. This widget is highly capable of bringing your blog to the next level of traffic. For tips and tricks on how to score big with Entrecard visit the Best 10 Tips to Entrecard’s Traffic Widget.
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Addthis Social Bookmarking Widget

Bookmark and Share
AddThis spreads your content across the Web by making it easier for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people, again…and again…and again. This simple yet powerful button is very easy to install and provides valuable statistics about the bookmarking and sharing activity of your users. AddThis is the perfect tool to help your visitors create a buzz for your site and increase its popularity and ranking.
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Currently Online Readers Widget

Show off your blog’s currently online readers in real time. When clicked on, this live widget will display which pages are being currently read by displaying the URLs. It’s really easy to install, just Copy and paste the code from into your blog. Supposedly the code is suppposed to be on every page of your site, but it worked find for me in my blog post as you can see above. Go ahead and give the button above a click, and hopefully you will be able to see how popular this site is 🙂

  • Get the Bigger Button version (fully customizable colors)
  • visitor stats

  • Get the Smaller Button Version (like the one at the top of this post).
  • Get the Mozzila Firefox Plugin (you can always keep an eye on the activity of your visitors from the convenience of your firefox web browser)

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Stat counter Hits Widget

Stat Counter
Statcounter lets you display the number of visits, visitors, hits, or pageviews to either your blog or website. It’s a great way to show off your site’s popularity.

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Feedjit Traffic Data Widgets

Real time traffic data directly in your blog’s sidebar. Feedjit guides your visitors to your best content and helps you show off your live traffic. You can display your blog’s “Popular Pages Today”, “Recent Visitors” on a map, “Visitors to this page also liked:”, and “Live traffic feed”. Feedjit is known for having some of the most useful and extraordinary widgets on the web.

Get these Widgets similar posts widget blogger,

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Show off the number of visitors to your blog with this handy little button. feed count

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