Floating Facebook Like Box Widget For Your Website

Are you struggling to get more facebook likes? Add a floating facebook like box to your blog or website.  The widget remains in a fixed position on the right-hand side of your site.  When you hover over the blue facebook image, the like box will then slide and reveal itself using jquery.

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Floating Twitter and Facebook Share Buttons (Widgets with Counter)

Here is an excellent widget that will float vertically next to your individual blog posts.  These  engaging buttons will allow your visitors to easily share your content on facebook, twitter, google plus, etc.  The great thing about this widget is that it counts the number of times your posts are shared on each social network.

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Facebook Popup (Like Box Widget) For Your Website

Here’s a fantastic way to increase facebook likes for your blog or website.  Add this enticing widget to your website and a facebook like box will pop up with the lightbox effect when a user visits your page.  The facebook widget will show up on your page about 10 seconds after the page loads (but can be customized).  This is a surefire way to dramatically increase your likes.

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10 Facebook Widgets and Tools for Your Website and Blog

Facebook is the largest social networking site with more than 1 billion active users and is growing larger every day! Make sure to use these Facebook widgets for your website or blog to connect with the large Facebook audience. You can use these tools to easily share certain profile information, websites, blogs, and businesses with the Facebook community.

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Add Digg Vote Button Counter Widget to Blogger

This tutorial explains how to integrate a Digg Button into your blogger template, which will be displayed in each of your blogger posts. The button displays the amount of times each post has been dugg and lets users digg directly from your blog.

Here are the Steps:

  1. Make sure to Backup your Template!
  2. Open your blogger template, click Expand Widget Templates, and search for the code below:
  3. Add this code below directly above the searched code above:
  4. Now Preview and Save your Template!

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Readers Suggest a Post Widget

Skribit lets readers suggest and vote on your article topics. In other words, the widget will allow you to suggest ideas for posts which you would like me to write about in the near future! Your readers can vote on every suggestion so that you know which suggestions are the most important to blog about. If you would like to see a demo, click on the button above.
This widget has not been embedded on the blog itself, but the demo is a great example so that you might see how Skribit works. Indeed the widget is meant to be implanted in your blog’s sidebar or something of the sort.
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Live Website Chat Widget

A chat room is a great way to get your readers more involved in your blog. If you think about it, your visitors may end up spending the night chatting with other visitors. Now that’s a great thought… The answer is Yaplet, which adds a chat room to every site on the internet!

For Example, here is the WidgetsForFree™ Chat Room . All you need to do is create a visible link or button to your site’s chat room just like I have done above. Go to Yaplet.com to find your blog’s chat room.

  • You can also create a pop-up version
  • If you go to yaplet’s website, you will find some nice buttons which can be placed on your blog.

All the things this Widget can be used for:

  • Chat with friends
  • Make new friends
  • Build new communities
  • Collaborate on group work
  • Telepresent
  • Provide customer service
  • Offer real-time support
  • Educate over distance
  • Play games
  • Read/write reviews
  • and more…

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Custom Notepad Widget

Create little notes for yourself or make the notes public. Simply select the widget, and type in your note. The widget will save your content as you type. Use the edit dropdown to manage the font and size.

You can also completely customize the appearance of the widget by clicking on the color picker icon to change the background color, the background border to be square or rounded, add a transparency level and even add a custom background image.

  • When you are at the Configuration Page, select the bottom right corner to easily change the length and width of the notepad.

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“Review My Blog” Widget

User reviews are one of the most valuable interactive features your site can deploy. By building trust and confidence, reviews improve conversion rates, time on site and overall site experience. Users can add their own reviews, rate reviews submitted by others and engage in threaded conversations.

Please take note that when you make a review, you are reviewing that specific url. Below you can click to see the demo and please give this widget or my site a review.
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The HTML code:

For google powered blogs:

+- See the Demo

feedback widget,

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