I created my first and most epic blog in 2007 – widgetsforfree.blogspot.com. Well at least I thought it was “epic” at the time. The website was hosted on the google blogger platform for seven long years. Just like anyone else I was afraid that I’d lose google search traffic if I migrated to another web platform.

Think About Your Long Term Goals

I went back and forth debating on whether or not to migrate to wordpress. I knew that switching would help me tremendously in the long run but I was afraid about the short term results.

Finally I made the switch to a self-hosted WordPress platform and I was able to do it in a strategic way so that I DIDN’T lose all my search engine traffic. My google traffic stream was affected slightly but I’m about to tell you why it’s all worth it in the long run!

Beautiful Web Design Gets Better Results

WordPress looks stunning

I’m a killer for branding and good clean design. WordPress is used by thousands of companies all over the world because theres is more flexibility and opportunity for good design.

Presentation and reputation are important factors for gaining influence on the web. When people see that you’re using blogger, your reputation goes down. Many people figure out that you’re capitalizing on a free platform and then they are more likely to question your legitimacy as a reliable source. It’s relatively easy to spot a Blogspot blog while you’re surfing the web. Usually the website has a .blogspot address and the design is in many cases outdated, cluttered, and not very appealing.

“Did you know that 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress?” — source

Blogger is mediocre in design

When I created my first blogger blog I spent way too much time trying to tweak the design so that I could get it to look perfect. I had little experience at the time and had no idea how terrible the site looked – no matter how much time I spent on it. Don’t settle for mediocre design. It will cost you in the long run.

Fortunately with WordPress you can get locked in with some professional and seo friendly designs. Check out the resources below and I bet you’ll be able to spot the difference between a blogspot and wordpress template.

WordPress Themes that work well

Here are a few different places where you can find some awesome looking designs! There are so many great themes out there – you should be able to find something that will match your industry and provide the custom branding that you need.

1)  WordPress.org

2)  Elegant Themes

3)  Themeforest

Best WordPress Theme Designs
4)  Themify

5)  Wpzoom

6)  WooThemes

More Control and Better Features

Just about everyone agrees that Wordpress provides with you with more options and flexibility. There’s a great community behind the platform that constantly pushes new plugins. Right now they’ve got over 30,000 plugins that will help you get just about anything you need done. With a few clicks you can get a contact form setup or even start selling products.

Blogger is limited in many ways. They don’t have as many web developers and so new features only come up every so often. WordPress is improving at a constant rate and it allows you to have more control over different elements of your blog.

Search Engine Optimization

We all know how important it is to rank high in the search engines. Google blogger limits you with their default settings and hence you may be missing out on some potential web search traffic.

Image credit: imavex.com

Image credit: imavex.com

With WordPress you can customize your site and create a solid seo framework that helps you rank better in search engines. Millions of people are benefiting from WordPress’s seo capabilites. Check out the WordPress Seo by Yoast Plugin for example and see how your site can be improved.

Full Ownership and Rights

If you’re hoping to sell your blogger blog one day…well you can’t. Unfortunately Blogger does not allow you to sell your blog.  Google can also shut your site down at any point in time since they’re the one hosting your content. WordPress is self-hosted and you own every right to your blog (that includes selling it).

Which Web Hosting Plan Should I use?

I use Hostgator Web Hosting for several of my websites and they’ve been great for me. Hostgator is offering our readers a 25% off discount for any of their plans, which is a fantastic deal. At checkout enter the coupon code: theblogwidgets.

Hostgator Web Hosting

Questions About Switching to WordPress?

I know that migrating to WordPress can seem like a daunting process. Feel free to comment below with any specific questions or concerns that you might have. I’m happy to help!


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  • http://www.habibasyrafy.com/ Habib Asyrafy

    Seems hard to have a migration. But u encourage me to. Ill think about it.

    • http://www.theblogwidgets.com/ James Morgan

      Hi Habib, yes it will really help you in the long run! Let me know if you need any help.

      • http://jpamorgan.com/ John Philip Morgan

        Can you help me too?

    • http://www.missionsaveaustralia.com/ Sam

      Habib don’t do it, goggle has some new tricks coming soon to help bloggers achieve better results, My tip make sure you’re receiving the latest adsense emails from blogger . They are now analysing our blogs and sending recommended data and you can give them permission to modify your adsense widget at their recommendations, the first week i allow them to do this my adsense profits went up.

  • Muslim Aswaja

    I was migrated my to self-hosted WordPress. In 1 month, my traffic really disappear.

  • Skqnder TN

    I really think that wordpress is so expensive! You need a strong hosting server to support traffic and a domain name and so you must pay monthly for having a wordpress blog but blogspot is hosted in google’s servers. Also wordpress is an open source project so it contains many backdoors and can be hacked just with some hand coded scripts. So blogger is more secure because I don’t think that someone will hack google servers :p

    • http://www.missionsaveaustralia.com/ Sam

      Skqnder you are Right

  • Muhammad Wahab

    how to switche my blogger account to wordpress

    • http://www.missionsaveaustralia.com/ Sam

      Don’t do it just make sure you blog is connected to google + and you watch the ranking change.

  • http://www.missionsaveaustralia.com/ Sam

    I’m very happy with Blogger and disagree, I have upgraded my Blogger Blog with all the new tricky plugins. Sharing my Blog in Conjunction with Google + gives me Number one rankings everytime. I must admit I’m sick of wordpress fans knocking blogger because you’re pushing people into wasting lots of money on a platform that is very expensive to run. I have had 80,000 Hits on Blogger in its first year its not about the design of the blog its the Content and that the real facts. So blogger fans Don’t listen to wordpress fans they are full of it. The only way google will shut down a blog is if you do something stupid like promoting sex or Gambling. People selling their Blogs give me a break if your blog is earning Ton’s of money who would sell it. DooH !!

    • http://www.theblogwidgets.com/ James Morgan

      Hi Sam,

      I’ve been able to host websites for as little as $4 per month using wordpress – that’s including web hosting and a domain name. If you can’t afford that then I would stick with blogger over some of the other platforms.

      It’s also undeniably true that wordpress let’s you do much more and the opportunities for scaling are endless. WordPress is especially good for small business owners who want to invest in their online web presence. If you’re just running a personal blog and don’t care about expanding – then stick with blogger.

      I hope this helps.


  • http://www.onerca.ro/asigurare-rca.html catalin

    i like them both very much