Here’s a fantastic way to increase facebook likes for your blog or website.  Add this enticing widget to your website and a facebook like box will pop up with the lightbox effect when a user visits your page.  The facebook widget will show up on your page about 10 seconds after the page loads (but can be customized).  This is a surefire way to dramatically increase your likes.

Add Widget to Your Site

Add the following code anywhere in the body section of your template. For WordPress themes, Weebly templates, and Tumblr, you will need to manually copy and paste the script into your template.

How to Customize

Where to find the code?
If you’ve installed the widget by clicking “Add to Blogger” you’ll need to locate the code in order to make customizations. In order to find the html go to the blogger dashboard>Layout. Click “edit” on the “HTML/Javascript” gadget.

Enter your facebook username
Search for and replace it with your site’s facebook page URL.

Change the 10 Second Time Delay
By default the widget pops up 10 seconds after the page finishes loading.  Search for the code below and change the number 20000 to a greater or lesser number.
1 second = 1000.  10 seconds = 10000. 60 seconds = 60000.

Popup every time the page loads 
By default, the like box widget only shows up the first time the user visits your page.  If you would like the facebook box to popup every time the page loads, then remove this line of code:

Display only when user visits your homepage
You can do this by surrounding the widget code with these conditional tags below. Go to Template Edit HTML. Now search for the </body> tag. Place the facebook popup widget right above this body tag.  Make sure to include the conditional tags below.

Having trouble seeing the facebook widget?

By default, this facebook like box widget is only displayed once every 30 days. You may need to delete your cookies if you would like to see it again.  Or check out the “How to Customize” section above, in order to display the widget every time a user visits your site.

If you’re still having trouble with the popup widget, please leave a comment below.  I am happy to help you!

Another Facebook Like Box Widget…

You should also check out the Floating Facebook Like Box.  Conveniently located on the right side of the web page; your visitors will be able to like your facebook page at any time.

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    nic post i like this post you are great buddy<br />this is my blog plz advice for more traffic <br />

  • John Smith

    This seems really cool! Very useful if someone wants to increase the number of likes and has really good content.<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

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    Nice post. Thanks For Sharing..<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Queer Heart Land</a>

  • totadze nodari

    i cant change fb page link on this blog, why????

  • James Morgan

    Hey,<br /><br />Search for <b>href=</b> and replace it with your facebook page url.<br /><br />Let me know if you get it to work.<br /><br />-James

  • Deepmaster

    Thank you for this widget but i have a problem. When i add it to my blog it worked perfect but when i refreshed my page again it wasn&#39;t working. Any idea what&#39;s the problem?

    • James Morgan

      Hey, I visited your page and it worked.<br /><br />This widget only shows up the first time a user visits your site (and will show up again every 30 days).<br />You can also see directions posted above on how to have the facebook box show up every time the page is refreshed.<br /><br />James

  • Nagendran Nagen

    it&#39;s worked perfect but when i refreshed my blog page Facebook Popup wasn&#39;t appear.

    • James Morgan

      Hey Nagaendran, <br /><br />The widget only shows up the first time a user visits your page. But you can change this by removing this line of code: <b>$.cookie(&#39;popup_user_login&#39;, &#39;yes&#39;, { path: &#39;/&#39;, expires: 7 });</b>

    • Nagendran Nagen

      i remove it that line on yesterday but its start work today morning after i clean my cookies on my browser and its work perfectly :D<br /><br />thank you very much 😀

    • James Morgan

      Okay wonderful! I&#39;m glad it&#39;s working properly!

    • Nagendran Nagen

      but bro, i put it back that line bcuz this popup annoying in every label i clicked.<br /><br />can u tell me, how to do this popup for work in home menu only?

    • James Morgan

      Hey, I&#39;ve updated the post and added instructions on how to make the widget<b> only show up on the homepage</b>. Check out the &quot;How to Customize&quot; section above.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />James

  • Deepmaster

    Hey man i used the code to show the widget only in homepage but it&#39; still showing up on the other pages.

    • James Morgan

      Alright I have updated the post with a new string of code, which should now work.

    • Deepmaster

      Used the new code but still have a problem. Any suggestions?

    • James Morgan

      Shoot I&#39;m sorry. I&#39;ve added new instructions! Hope this works!<br /><br />James

    • Deepmaster

      Did what you said but i get this error when i try to save HTML : The reference to entity &quot;width&quot; must end with the &#39;;&#39; delimiter.

    • James Morgan

      Parse all of the code with this <b><a href="; rel="nofollow">HTML Parser</a></b>. Then paste the new code in your template.

    • Deepmaster

      Didn&#39;t work again. Thank you for your help man. Any other ideas?

    • James Morgan

      Hey I&#39;m sorry it&#39;s not working. I&#39;ll let you know if I find a fix for you.

  • Jovano Diaz

    I can get it, does not show up! Check out my blog

    • James Morgan

      Hey Jovano,<br /><br />I checked out your blog but I did not see the code on your site.

  • Jayshree Bhagat

    done! gr8……thank you so much!<br />

    • James Morgan

      Awesome! Just checked it out and it looks great!

  • Anonymous

    how would i remove it?

    • James Morgan

      Go to the blogger dashboard<b>&gt;</b>Layout. Click &quot;edit&quot; on the &quot;HTML/Javascript&quot; gadget. Then click delete.

  • Phya

    Hi! Will this work on other platforms as well? or just blogspot?

    • James Morgan

      Hi Phya,<br /><br />Yes this will work on any platform. Just copy and paste the code and place it between the body tags of your template.

  • Ferdicon Mary

    Really Awesome, It worked for me check out my blog

  • Fazli

    thanz bro.. working perfect.. also can set up just only show up on the homepage..

  • Gwen Catherine

    I can&#39;t change the facebook url into mine. I clicked the +Add to blogger button rather than typing it manually into the layouts. Now i can&#39;t find and don&#39;t know where to change the url. <br /><br />

    • James Morgan

      Go to the blogger dashboard&gt;Layout. Click &quot;edit&quot; on the &quot;HTML/Javascript&quot; gadget. Then click delete.

  • Imran Memon

    Great Work Dear<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

  • Muhammed Elasse

    it is appear fixed with the page and it does not popup and when i refresh it still fixed in the same place

    • James Morgan

      Hey Muhammed,<br /><br />I&#39;m not sure that I quite understand your problem. Could you send me your blog URL?

  • مدونة ابن مريم

    great article

  • ♠ Ana Teles | Telita ♠

    It&#39;s working!<br /><br />→ blog: <a href="; rel="nofollow">Telita na Cozinha</a><br /><br>

  • Nikos Tsolakos

    The reference to entity &quot;width&quot; must end with the &#39;;&#39; delimiter<br /><br />Fuck!<br />

  • Kelvin Kehinde Omolumo

    Works great. Thanks buddy. Using it for my site.<br />i&#39;m also a developper. But didn&#39;t think of it this way. i confess it got me thinking lol.<br /><br />

  • Soesga Ertusa

    i doesn;t work i removed also the code and still doesn&#39;t shows up and also on first coding jquery when i tried to saved it it gave me error and have to put some &quot;;&quot; between height,widith, and so long<br />

  • Joy

    Hello! Thanks for the code information. Is it possible to make the popup trigger just upon exiting the site so the person could decide after they have reviewed more of your content?<br /><br />

    • James Morgan

      Hey Joy,<br /><br />As of now we don&#39;t have a solution for this. I&#39;ll let ya know when I find a way to do this.


    nice post… but dropdown menu dont work if i add this

    • James Morgan

      Hey,<br />what dropdown menu are you talking about?

  • James Morgan

    what dropdown menu are you talking about?

  • James Morgan

    Hey,<br />what dropdown menu are you talking about?

  • Ahmad

    thanks it is working. but slow.<br />games and iphone, ipod, android and pc games and apps<br />

  • loka

    Hey Morgan

    please how i can customize this widget to appear every 12 hours

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • James Morgan

      Hey Ioka,

      Right now we don’t have a solution for this but I will let you know when we do!


    • James Morgan

      Ioka, check out the new code. Your facebook widget will popup after 30 seconds.

  • loka

    Hey Morgan <br /><br />please how i can customize this widget to appear every 12 hours<br /><br />Thanks in advance 🙂

  • James Morgan

    Hey Ioka,<br /><br />Right now we don&#39;t have a solution for this but I will let you know when we do!<br /><br />James

  • Jake

    man something is wrong it doesn’t work to change url i’ve replaced your fb link and also delete the $…. for showing every time the blog is clicked but even so the pop up appears one time only with your facebook link even i’ve changed it why so ?

    • James Morgan

      Hey Jake,

      Can you give me your blog’s URL? I’ll check it out for you.

  • lovlyman

    Thank you very much you are amazing man i just add the code of course after i parse it with this site because before i parse it,doesn’t work so now it works you can check my blog and see it 🙂 Thanks a lot ^_^.


    Perrrrfect! Thanks! I made a few style tweaks and it works perfectly. I’m using it on my blog, Beautiful Disaster: Thanks for sharing!

  • Stratis

    James is there a way like arevico’s for WordPress, the pop up to be shown once every single day? this would very helpful.

    • James Morgan

      Hey Stratis, as of now we don’t have a solution for this. I’ll be sure to let you know when we do!

      • Stratis

        Hello James and thank you for your prompt answer, how often can we achieve to show to pop up window? for example every 3 days?

        • James Morgan

          Try changing the value 7 to 3 in the code below:

          $.cookie(‘popup_user_login’, ‘yes’, { path: ‘/’, expires: 7 });

    • James Morgan

      Hey I figured out how to make the popup widget display after 30 seconds! Copy and paste the new code to your site.

  • Yes Cook

    Ok I have a problem now.
    I clicked on the add to blogger. my page now popsup a like box but…
    the like box is for the blogwidgets. I tried to search but cannot find it in edit html to make the change.
    Please help.. I need urgent help.

    • James Morgan

      Hey Yescook, it looks like you already figured it out. I’m glad its working!

  • Elliott J. Scott

    This is a lot better than the other Facebook Like Boxes that I found online. Thanks for your help James!

    • James Morgan

      Hey Yescook, it looks like you already figured it out. I’m glad its working!

    • James Morgan

      Thanks Elliot I agree!

  • Guest

    Thank you for this useful Widget. Is it possible to hide this Widget who has LIKED the Page? if yes then Please inform me what I’ve to do?
    thank you again.
    Masood Zafar

  • مسعود ظفر علاء الدین

    Thank you for this useful Widget. Is it possible to hide this Widget from those users who already LIKED the Page? if yes then Please inform me what I’ve to do?
    thank you again.
    Masood Zafar

    • James Morgan

      Hey this feature is not available right now. I’ll keep ya updated though!


    Dzięki 🙂 użyję tego na

  • Adel

    Hi, it doesnt work for me :(, I mean it does work but it screws my Image slider, my slider just decomposes and all the images within the slider are shown one under another, the slide function basically collapses.

    Any fixes? site

    • Ricardo

      Same here. Already fix?

      • Adel

        No fix yet

  • Adel

    I dont know if the previous message I posted is under moderation or just got deleted because I pasted an outside link so Ill write again. Can you help me abit with this plugin, after I activate it, my image slider doesnt work anymore, Ill attach a screen to check it out, all pics from slider just decompose, helppp 😀

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, awsome widget!!

    • James Morgan

      Hey Adel, the widget worked fine for me when i visited your page. Did you remove the slider?


      • Adel

        Yes, apparently it messes with 5 or 6 modules I have (i made the website on the prestashop platform) and lets say I just disable those modules just so I have your great widget but another problem I saw is the “homepage” thing, I cant figure out how to make it only on the homepage, even tho I added those lines mentioned above 🙁

        Best regards

        • James Morgan

          Hey Adel, I’m sorry I’ve never seen this problem before. I’ll be sure to let you know If I find a fix.

  • Payal Pandya

    Please help me with it! There are 3 similar widgets i can see there… Facebook Likebox Widget 4.0

    Details | Install Now

    Facebook Like Box 2.8

    Facebook Like Widget 1.0

    Please let me know which one exactly are u talking abt?? 4.0

    • James Morgan

      Hey Payal,

      This should be the latest like box widget. Hopefully this helps.


  • Ehtisham Ul Haq

    thanks for this post

  • Nadine

    I can’t make it work on my blog. It just won’t load.

    • James Morgan

      Hey it worked when I visited your page! It only loads once every 30 days.


      Hello Nadine, you failed to personalize the widget to point to you own Facebook group it sends new likes to theblogwidgets instead. I’m sure they are loving it but it would be better if you pointed the traffic back to your page..

      • James Morgan

        Thanks for pointing that out to Nadine!

  • fahd

    i just tried to put this code in blog but cant do this please help me out of this thanks

  • mrgoka

    hello and thank you for the code!
    but, i need help.
    i want to when people see the page, they need to click on ‘like’ botton to exit from the popup.
    how can i do it?

    thank you very much and have a nice day 🙂

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Just installed to

  • VenuGopal Kondeti

    thanks bro . it will help me a lot for facebook fan page
    this is my blog :

  • lucy whitten

    How do you delete this widget? Its not working and It comes up with the title and nothing on my widgets and its horrible looking.

    • James Morgan

      Hey Lucy,

      Go to the blogger dashboard>Layout. Click “edit” on the “HTML/Javascript” gadget. Then click delete.

  • Roberto Campos Rojas

    hi guys,i need litle help, i dont use blogger, but need that code for me website

    any know how work with html5,send me inbox

  • Merkoz

    Hello 🙂 How can I set up cookies to display popup on first visit everyday? And there is possibility to disable popup for people who already like my fanpage?

  • ravi

    not working

    shows error

    • James Morgan

      Hey Ravi, on which website is it not working properly?

  • Lino Legrottaglie

    Great Widget! Any way to make it pop on the bottom right hand corner of the screen? Thanks 🙂

  • Carlton

    Thank you for this! I am having one problem. If visitors are not logged into facebook, the widget is blank.

    • James Morgan

      That’s interesting. Give me your blog URL and I’d be happy to take a closer look!

  • sam

    how long does it take to show again on an already sighted browser and can this be changed so that its shows every time

    • James Morgan

      Hey sam,

      The widget will show up every 30 days. You can change this by reading the directions I’ve posted under “How to Customize”.

  • xtaz

    it doesnt work on my blog :'(

    • James Morgan

      Do you have the widget currently installed?

  • athul

    same problem it doesnt work on please give me a solution please ADMIN

    • James Morgan

      Hey it looks like you got it to work!

  • Ovidiu

    Hi James, could you please help me?

    I am trying to use this code on a multiuser wordpress site but it does not work.

    Could you please let me know what i am doing wrong. I have multiple plugins working on this site, maybe they’re interfering? Thank you!

    • James Morgan

      Hi Ovidiu,

      I checked out your site and it is working perfectly. You probably cannot see it because your cookies are not deleted. The widget is created to show up every 30 days.

  • TheUnexplainedMysteries

    Thanks. Work fine when embedded in HTML page directly. Is there a way to keep this code in JS file and include the JS file in HTML page.

  • mahesh

    it works well on my site

    thank you very much and god bless you

  • Richard Parker

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  • Atul Mittal

    Not working on my site:
    I have created a new widget and installed the code as above, but it is not showing.

  • Aniela

    I can’t find it in my html!

  • Aniela

    Could you email me under please and explain to me how i can find this in my html please. Search doesn’t work

    • James Morgan

      Hey Aniela,

      I’ve sent you an email!

  • kotzarika

    i want to when people see the page , they need to click on ‘like’ botton to exit from the popup.

    how can i do it?

  • Jack Gill

    the box appears but its blank

    can send me the code ?

    my user id for facebook is

    • James Morgan

      Hey Jack,
      I just created a custom code for you with your facebook page. You can download it here, then copy and paste the code between your body tags.

    • jack gill

      james you are brilliant! :)))) It works now perfectly…thanks a million 🙂

    • namo news

      i am facing the same problem.. can you please help me?

  • Jessenia Arias

    Hello I have installed it; however, the pop-up box is coming up blank. Thank you

  • Gadyetero

    Thank you so much fore this little trick. I install it already at my new site. Its awesome! Working on

  • sudha

    I’m having trouble personalizing it 🙁
    I followed the step you outlined but still the widget directs the visitors to this widget’s fb page, not mine 🙁

    • James Morgan

      Hey I’ve created a custom code for your facebook page! Download the code and then copy and paste it!

  • TheSirtedas .
  • Serah Alabi

    my facebook page is not appearing
    its blank

    • James Morgan

      Hi Serah,

      I just checked out your page and it is actually working properly! I was able to see your facebook page popup. By default, this widget is only displayed once every 30 days. You will need to delete your cookies if you would like to see it again.

      • Serah Alabi

        And how do I do that ?

  • jewelfuji

    Dear sir, The box appears in my blog but its blank. This is my blog plz check it.
    can send me the complete code ?

    My face book page.

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    please show me how to costumize it for my site
    it’s actually showing your’s facebook page

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  • Mo Duracell Dyani

    Does this work on normal websites too?

    • James Morgan

      Yes it does!

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  • AJ

    Can I set this to popup when the visitor leaves the page?

  • Joanna Pierrat

    Hello !
    It doesn’t work.
    Can you send a personal code please ? My Facebook page is , 2000 delay and i want that the pop up appear every time my blog is open.
    Thank you so much.

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    Nice widget


  • Zizu Juve is my website and i added this code

  • Marius
  • Lukasz

    Hi, the script works very good, but I have one question: how to make it only to pop when user didn’t click ‘like it’ already ?

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  • William

    Hi james, when i click the add to blogger the button and insert the code.

    it come out the message.

    Whoops, that’s an error.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.

    What should i do?

    My blog is

  • William

    Hi James, another question is is i want to make it delay only 3 second what number should i put.

    For the Facebook Lightbox, can i insert at ” add a gadget” inside my blogger?

    • James Morgan

      Hey william,

      You should replace the number with 3000.

  • Serg

    This does not work on an iphone. does anyone know of a workarround?

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    Oups ! Il s’agit d’une erreur.

    Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour les désagréments occasionnés.

    Essayez d’actualiser la page pour voir si le problème est résolu.

  • Constructii Amenajari Interioa

    I just installed this script on Casa de vanzare in Valu lui Traian and it works flowlessly!



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    Hey 🙂
    Is it possible to get the box to be displayed once every 12 hrs or a day?
    It would be even great if you found a way for that 🙂
    thank u 🙂

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    i want to add first facebook widget.when i add it to my template then it shows a error width is not declared,morgan is not declared ,hight is not declared…….plz tell me how i solve this problem

  • Noushad

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    and mail me at

  • Hardik

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  • Atul gehlot

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    • duisaf

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  • iFahad

    is this possible for this pop up to appear only to those who didn’t liked it already, I mean it should check the cookie and see if the visitor has signed in to his fb account and if he already had liked the page then this pop up doesn’t show.

  • Michelle

    Hi..when i try to save the template it came out this error Error parsing XML, line 1334, column 55: The reference to entity “width” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.

    which refer to the code below:


    Please help

    • MObiLeCRacKErS

      you need to add & amp ; width(remove the space) instead of &width

  • Merv Rosenquist

    Is there a way to add a like button on a webpage (Fat Cow host – built with Weebly) with a counter that displays the number of likes on the webpage beside of the like button widget? Thanks! MJR

  • Johnatan G.

    Hi, and if i want to show the box every 2 days or every week what i need to pu in the expire code?

  • Penelope

    Can you make it only pop up if a button or link is clicked?

  • Sasi Parvathi

    Nice share. But my blog is under blogger platform. So in my site it’s not displaying properly. Please help me.

  • Sasha Shapiro

    Thanks James,
    i implemented on my site, its pretty cool.

  • emil vasilev

    Hi James, thank you very much for this widget. I would like to ask you for help. I added the widget to my OpenCart web page, but then the slideshow on the homepage do not load anymore. Any suggestion what can be the problem? Thank you very much in Advance!

    • emil vasilev

      Problem Solved. I placed the code for the facebook popup widget here:

      catalog/controller/common/footer.php after ?>.

      Now it works like charm!

  • Pablito

    Thank you for the widget. Only work with IE, but with Firefox and Chrome don’t work for me. 🙁 my Can you help me please?

  • Hilary

    I added the code for the widget in Blogger by going to Blogger Template Designer–>Advanced–>Add CSS. Is this correct? I notice when I refresh my blog homepage, a transparent floating box shows up and then disappears once the page loads. Help! Thanks 🙂

  • Umair Ilyas

    thank for sharing this it is working for me…

  • Bright Verge

    Thanks for sharing successfully im using on my site very simple and easy to configure

  • duisaf

    thanks, it worked for me but i’d like it to come up always and only for visitors who haven’t liked my blog facebook page. how do i go about that?

  • Patricia Mirasol

    Thanks for this!!

  • Google Binger
  • Muhammad Kashif

    I have paste the code in my website, but it is not working, only a gray box appear on my site and when i hover my mouse over it it display massage “The file and directory could not be found”

  • James Morgan

    Hi Muhammad, I’m sorry for the trouble. The popup widget should be working properly now. I had to make some changes to the code.

  • Pieraksti

    Great widget, thanks!

    • James Morgan

      You’re welcome Pierasksti! I’m glad you like it!

  • 17th Dimension GFX

    It actually works, but it’s way too large on smart phones.

  • Naveen Akula

    I just need the one like it is showing on your site “Like Us on Facebook?” The code to display Facebook Like Page at the end of the post.

  • Anadin Šabanović

    Nice widget 1 But is there any possibility to make it pop up only for
    those who did not already liked the page,and not to pop up for those
    that did. 🙂

  • Vivian Lai

    Thank you for the widget.
    1.Only work with chrome, but with IE don’t work for me. 🙁 my Can you help me please?

  • Vivian Lai

    2. I can’t see it on smart phone
    Need your support.
    Thanks !

  • Nigel

    Fucking miserable shit! Get this garbage off my computer!

  • Muneer Ahmad

    The only very well described tutorial I’ve come across ..

  • Alexandra A.

    It’s not popping up?! I’m using a tumblr blog and inserted the code at the end of the body code before /body – help?

    • James Morgan

      Hey Alexandra,

      I’m sorry for the trouble! What’s your blog url? I’d be happy to check it out for you.



      • Alexandra

        Oh, I got it to work! Had to put it after {/block:Posts} rather than in the ‘body’ section. Thanks!!

  • Adithya Bhat

    It’s not popping up?! I’m using a Blogger blog Please Help ?

  • Gisele Galaburri

    Hi! I need a pop up box, but not for facebook, just to publish an special promotion on my web. Could you help me? I need HTML code, I edited this code without succes. Please help me. It’s great your blog!

  • marcos molina

    Hello! I would love to install this on my employer’s site, but is there a way to make it pop up only for those who have not liked the page, and not to pop up for those that did?

  • Sheena L. Mathieson

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    I have this eversince and this will help your website to have more fans and readers by posting some blogs on your facebook page that was liked by your visitors.

  • Katie Shaffer

    Hello, I added this a while back and I want to change it so that only people who have not liked my fb page will see the pop up, and it will only show up once. Right now, if I click anything on my blog it shows up, even if I have already liked the page. Do you have any advice? thanks,

    • Yaron

      Hello, I’m wondering if you found a solution/ code for this?

  • Ghady Waly

    No need to go to Themes to Edit HTML at Blogger, I added a new HTML gadget at the layout section, pasted the code, saved and it’s done. Check out my blog for more tutorials, follow me on twitter @ghadywaly

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  • Syed Qasim Rizvi

    $.cookie(‘popup_user_login’, ‘yes’, { path: ‘/’, expires: 7 });
    I’ve deleted this line but still have to delete my cookies otherwise popup shows only once

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    • Media Outlook News

      within the coding it’s a height and with section you can edit it there

      • J Write

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        • Media Outlook News

          there are no suggested dimensions because every site template is different. But for my side bar I use 300×320 for my body I may use the same then it shows up on mobile perfectly

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  • Emptïñêss Mahaveer Jain


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    I was thinking that maybe I should have a pop up window, with main social media follow (facebook, twitter, pinterest, ig) plus a subscribe (feedburner) in one box. Do you think that’s a good idea? Do you have a widget for that? or is it too much to have in one box? Thanks again 🙂

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    • Paras Guglani

      Try to add values in top and left example top:30 left:60. Find a suitable match to appear popup in center in mobile

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