Having the latest weather updates on your blog keep your site alive and fresh for your visitors. The easiest way to show off your local weather forecast on your website is with weather widgets, which can easily be implemented in your blog. Each weather widget displays the temperature, wind details, and much more.

Ibegin Weather Widget
Just enter your City, Zip Code, or State to show your local weather forecast. This weather widget will show the current weather and weather forecast with small icons.

This WeatherBug widget comes in multiple sizes which display your local weather forecast.
50×250, 180×150, 160×600, 300×250 , 125×125 and 728×90. Live Weather Widget
Another nice weather widget  by, which can easily be implemented in the sidebar of your blog!
WidgetBox Weather Widgets
Choose from a large selection of widgets to show of your local weather.
WeatherReports Widget
Lets you choose the theme of your weather widget.

How to Add these Widgets to your Blog?
Please take note that all of the widgets above can easily be implemented into your blog. These weather widgets are for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, and all the other blogging platforms. Go to the website and customize the widget, then copy and paste the HTML code into your blog. Then you’re done! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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