This top commenters widget is a wonderful tool for giving back to your most loyal readers. It’s a great way to inspire your constituents to keep making useful comments on your blog. The widget displays links to to the top commentators websites and can easily be implemented in your blog’s sidebar.

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  • aR

    Where is the widget?<br /><br />aR<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Bangla Hacks</a>

  • John Smith

    The widget is in the post above. Go to where it says &quot;Create Your Top Commenter&#39;s Widget&quot; and click the &quot;customize&quot; button. Then click on &quot;Add to Blogger &gt;&gt;&quot;.

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    Cool! I love that widget. But does it only work for Blogger? What about WordPress blogs?<br />Thanks for sharing this! :)

  • John Smith

    <b>Brochure Printing</b>,<br />You&#39;ll have to download the wordpress plugin for the top commentators.<br />

  • yustana

    Cool widget. i use it just now on my blog. thank you very much

  • Dedy

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  • Abu Inayat

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  • Mary (MEM)

    I&#39;m not sure if I installed it correctly- how long does it take to show the top commentors?

  • Paisas

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  • gronial
  • JR

    wow is greats tools, but wher thats script?

  • John Smith

    click the &quot;customize&quot; button and then click the &quot;add to blog &gt;&gt;&quot; button.

  • Lizzard

    this is excellent! is there a way to reset the comment counter? For example, I want it to only count comments from today instead of from the time I created my blog. Thanks!

  • Chaotic Kristy

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  • sriram

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  • nima

    how can i set the counter so that i can see the top comenter from all the comments in my blog…thank you

  • Desta

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  • spunkyduckling @ cute fuzzy slippers

    Thanks but this widget only worked for a day on my blog and then stopped so I&#39;ve had to remove it and do everything manually. I have no doubt about your widgets but sometimes blogger gives me so trouble with their widgets..

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  • Fuzzy Slippers

    I added it, and had the same trouble others are having. It&#39;s there, but there is no list of commenters. :(

  • Blackswan

    I&#39;ve add few days ago but still see no commenters. Kindly advise &amp; thks!

  • By MelCole of PA

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  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

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