ScratchBack is a friendly online “tipping system” for bloggers who desire to make a buck from their sidebar. It’s a great alternative to a “Paypal Donation” button, because your potential sponsors will be tempted by a worthwhile reward. This reward is a nice fat link back to their site which no blogger can resist.

UPDATE:  Scratchback has decided to shutdown and is longer available.

How it Works

First you will need to sign up and install their widget code on your site. Once you’ve implemented the code into your blog you should be able to see a nicely sized widget in your sidebar. This should only take a matter of minutes to get your self up and running. Their system allows you to accept tips from advertisers and in return they will receive image or text links on your site.

Payout Rate

The current commission structure has been switched from 50% to 90% for the publisher. This is an outrageously wonderful ratio! So you’ll make 9 out of every 10 dollars sold on your site (payments made via PayPal).


You might run in to problems when it comes to blending the widget in with your blog. Other than that, they allow you to choose from multiple themes, and some of which are pretty good looking. And the rest of the designs have a bit of a junky look to them, so don’t get too excited…

My Experience with ScratchBack

To be honest, I have only used it on WidgetsForFree™ for one day and I made only 2 dollars. So I will have to rely on my readers to give us some honest feedback on the longer term use of Scratchback. Although, I might give it a shot once the widget is fully customizable and is capable of matching my blog design.

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