This widget is perfect for blogspot users who desire a simple tag cloud for their Categories. The Labels Cloud can easily be implemented within the sidebar of your blog and will match your template wonderfully.

Steps for Implementation

Step 1: Back it Up
Always make sure to back up your Blogger Template before doing anything else!

Step 2: The Labels Gadget

Make sure that you have the Labels Page Element installed. If you haven’t already…
  1. Go to Layout >Page Elements .
  2. Click “Add a Gadget” and then add the “Labels” gadget.
Step 3: Locating the “Old Code”
  1. Now go to Layout >Edit HTML
  2. Make sure that the “Expand Widgets Template” box is unchecked.
  3. Now we need to search for the code that looks like this. Your code may look a little different. So try using your browser’s search tool to find type=’Label’.
Step 4: Replacing the “Old Code” with the “New Code”
  1. Once you’ve located type=’Label’, remove the whole line of code that looks just like the code mentioned in part 3 of step 3.
  2. Replace this code that you’ve just deleted with the code below:

Step 5: Previewing the New Tag Cloud

Before saving the template make sure to click preview. The new tag cloud should now be visible. If not, make sure that you’ve completed all the steps correctly.

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  • MR_allaa
  • jazzalmighty

    Wow.. thats a great widget..<br />i was looking for the widget like this.<br />But, when i tried to apply to my blog/HTML, the codes can be applied.<br />Is it true if i change the code (the codes in blue box at step 3 no. 3) with all codes you give.<br />I hope you answer quickly. Sorry if my engglish so bad…<br />Thanks…

  • videos

    Isn&#39;t this a standard widget?

  • मनोज

    not working…some code error for widget

  • Priyanka Bhowmick

    Thank u a lot John… I loved it..!! It worked!!

  • Puzzle Words

    I love the simplicity of the tag cloud. Great stuff john.

  • Refresher King

    thanks man … for other people … there might be an error of &quot;there is already a widget with the name label1&quot; … if you get this … just rename the label to label2 … or rename the old label

  • Bytes&Sounds

    It doesn´t work with me. <br />I´ve tryed several times and don´t appear the tags. I´ve tryed already the Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani and also doesn´t work. It appears a blank space….<br />Best regards<br />Hg

  • John Smith

    <b>Bytes&amp;Sounds</b>, which blog are you trying to implement this on? I&#39;d be glad to help you get it up and running.

  • Mesothelioma Helper

    I think this is quite attractive for my blog!

  • Global Greek

    hello there, i tried many times, same error appears in preview all links get lost. I mean I do see the cloud, but when I click on any link of my blog, they don&#39;t work any longer. e.g. archive linke, followers etc… Any suggestion?<br />Thank you for your time

  • Badri

    Thats great and Thank you<br /><br />Regards

  • WidgetBlogger

    Thanks i have recommended to my readers too

  • VBRocks

    Hello John,<br /><br />I added this widget to my blog, and it&#39;s there, but no tags are appearing. Think you could take a look?<br /><br />My blog is:<br /><br />Thanks.

  • VBRocks

    I tried it and it didn&#39;t work for me.<br /><br />This tag cloud widget did:<br />

  • John Smith

    <b>VBRocks</b>, I checked out your blog. Have you applied any labels to your posts?

  • Anup

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  • papercouturiere

    I&#39;ve got the label cloud on my sidebar, but how do I get the labels to actually get there? Sorry, but I&#39;m fairly computer illiterate…when I make a new post and I type in the &quot;labels&quot; for each post at the bottom, I thought those words were what made up a &quot;label cloud&quot;, but nothing is in the label cloud. Make sense??? HELP! PlEASE! 🙂

  • Doctor Wiz

    my english is not good but i&#39;d like to thank you for your great widget.i tried it and it worked.but the tag cloud font is too small in my blog. as you see:<br />—<br />i don&#39;t know much about the codes.would you give me a soloution for this i need to change part of the code?

  • Doctor Wiz

    dude. i solved my problem.<br />i changed a part of the code.i added &quot;10+&quot; before &quot;min + Math.floor((counts[x]/most) * range);&quot;<br />thanks

  • John Smith

    <b>papercouturiere</b>, do the labels display in your sidebar without the Tag Cloud Hack?<br /><br /><b>Doctor Wiz</b>, I&#39;m glad you were able to change the font size. Just look for var min = 70.

  • Anonymous

    awesome one! Instructions were good.

  • downfoot1

    thanks a lot

  • marthub

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  • Anup
  • Joseph Marshall

    I get the following error message:<br /><br />Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.<br />XML error message: The element type &quot;b:section&quot; must be terminated by the matching end-tag &quot;&quot;.<br /><br />But I&#39;ll be darned if I can find a missing end tag anywhere in the code. Any ideas?<br /><br />http://

  • Family Paths, Inc.

    Hello, I am trying to add a cloud to our new blogspot, but it will not come up. Can you help me?

  • Model
  • Shahid

    thanks buddy,just added that in my blog now :)keep rocking<br />

  • The_Book_Queen

    I&#39;ve tried two times to add this tag cloud to my blog, but it doesn&#39;t show up when I save it. What am I doing wrong? It says &#39;Tags&#39; on my blog, but the spot under it is empty. <br /><br />Help!! <br /><br />Thanks!<br />TBQ

  • Amor Cbr

    wooooww its cool…thxs full


    I thought this was a helpful link for creating categories from your blog labels – not exactly what everyone had in mind, but it&#39;s effective: <br /><br />

  • Handi Priyono (Handz_Mentallist)

    Best trick , you&#39;re the best.. Excellent trick tipz.

  • CW

    I had the same issue as Joseph M. Any ideas? Thank you! <br />Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.<br />XML error message: The element type &quot;b:section&quot; must be terminated by the matching end-tag &quot;&quot;.

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  • Martin Gicheru

    i tried it on my blog techweez.blogspot but it wont work, it already has a label in use

  • Axes DesigNs

    I can&#39;t see the cloud .. only it said Tag.. any suggestion?<br /><br />my blog:<br /><br />Thanks maybe you can helpme?

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    Great! this tags widget is simple &amp; perfectly matches with my simple-looking blog. To make it work, I added &#39;10+&#39; before &quot;min + Math.floor((counts[x]/most) * range);&quot; as per Doctor Wiz said. Thank-you very-much Mr.John &amp; also Mr.Doctor Wiz.<br />

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    It worked! I had to switch back to the OLD blogger dashboard style however. No biggie. I could switch back afterwards. Would be nice to update this post for the new blogger look tho.<br /><br />Thank you so so soooooo much!

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    How to make tag cloud to Blogger blog step by step:<br /><br />I made that tutorial because I think many of those people in this comment thread who had problems doesn&#39;t even know the basics how to add labels (=words and/or sentences) to Labels gadget.


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