Here is a great way for your readers to reward you for all the hard work and effort you’ve put into your blog. A PayPal Donation button will allow your readers to easily send you money via PayPal.

PayPal Icons

These icons can be used as your donation button if you choose to customize.

Adding a Paypal Donation Button

Sign into your Paypal account and if you don’t have one you can get a free paypal account here.

  1. Login into your Paypal account with your paypal E-mail address and password:
  2. Click on ‘Merchant Services’ Tab available in the Top Menu
  3. When you scroll down your window, you will see a ‘Donations’ link in the ‘PayPal Website Payments Standard’ heading Section.
  4. Clicking on the ‘Donate’ link will take you a form where you are asked to fill some information’s like Organization name/service, Donation ID (optional).
  5. Click on ‘Customize Appearance’ in order to use your own image for the button. You may use one of the images above if you like.
  6. After Filing the required information click on ‘Create Button’ link.
  7. Now you will see some HTML Code, copy it

Adding HTML code into Blogger blog:

  1. Sign in into your Blogger Blog and Click on the ‘Layout’ link in your dashboard
  2. Click ‘Add a Gadget’ link and select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ option
  3. Now paste the HTML code that you copied from your Paypal account and save it.
  4. Now open your blog and you will see the ‘Paypal Donate’ button in your blogspot blog sidebar. You can display Donate button wherever you want on your blog like blog Header, footer or its sidebar

Adding HTML code into WordPress blog:

  1. Login into your WordPress blog and go to its Dashboard
  2. Click Presentation –> Widgets
  3. Click on the content area in front of ‘Text 1’ widget
  4. Paste your HTML code in the content area available and save changes
  5. Open your WordPress blog and check donate button will be in your blog sidebar

WordPress Donations Cloud

This paypal widget is quite useful because it’s more than just a button. It allows users to link to their own site when they make a donation. Therefore encouraging your readers to make a donation.

I hope you’ve found this article to be of great help and I wish all of you much success in your blogging adventures!

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