This widget can definitely bring some excitement to your blogger powered blog. Letting your readers surf your blog to the fullest extent by creating a link to a random post in your blog’s sidebar. Besides providing fun for your blog, hopefully your visitors will stay on your site for longer periods of time.

Installation and Customization:

  • Click button below to complete Installation:
  • Once you have installed the widget, you can change the link text. The default value is “View Random Post”. To change this, view the code and search for “View Random Post“, and change it to any desired text.

Those are all the steps necessary to implement the Random Post Widget to blogger. I hope you and your readers thoroughly enjoy it!

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    Hi,<BR/><BR/>Nice post on random post widget. It has been made so simple that it is easy even for beginners to install the widget.<BR/><BR/>By the way, I came here following your comment on my blog. I have added a link to your blog on my side bar. Thanks.

  • John Smith

    <B>Widgets for Blogger</B>, great to hear from you again.<BR/>I also added your link in my sidebar and is on my <A HREF="; REL="nofollow">partners</A> page as always.

  • Rethnaraj

    John I would like to ask You, how did u made that widget below ( " ___ happy readers have subcribed, Have you?") Pls reply.

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    <B>Rethnaraj</B>, I will probably make a post about the widget below. Also, to increase traffic to your blog, you need to get traffic from google. To do this you will need to get links to your blog and work on your SEO (<B>S</B>earch <B>E</B>ngine <B>O</B>ptimization.)

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    Another great plugin for blogspot. We’re waiting for even more John!

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    Hey.. The random posts widget is excellent.. But what if i want to display an image instead of the text link?? how do i add an image to the code??

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    But what if it randomly chooses the worst possible blog post on your site. Some bs you wrote while angry months ago and forgot about. It’d be nice if you could choose which posts you want included in the circulation.

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  • alyshalynn

    I have a challenge perhaps: I’d especially love this feature even more if there were some way to implement it into an RSS feed so that readers could subscribe to get a randomly generated previous blog post into their feed. I know that would probably be an aspect more on the feedburner end than blogger, but that would definitely keep my readership up.<BR/><BR/>This is applicable because I’m doing

  • Anonymous

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    This looks like a neat little widget. While it might not be very practical, it could sure make your blog interesting. Thanks 🙂

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    Very nice widget BUT you need to go through your archives before installing it. You need to make sure that you have no "filler" articles you posted months ago and completely forgot about or it might only end up making you blog look bad.

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    <b>laymen</b>, sadly this is for blogspot blogs only. Although, I will create one in the near future for WordPress blogs on <b><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a></b>

  • Xylence

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    How do I put it below my post? Actually I put the code below the post but it shows that XML is not properly parsed.<br /><br />Can you modify the code and make it compatible to be able to work below posts in the post-footer?<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Volverene<br /><br />[link][/link]


    How should I put a photo instead of the text link &#39;View Random Post&#39; ??

  • John Smith

    <b>Volverene Evo</b>, try parsing the code here:  then paste the new code in the post-footer.

  • The Colo(u)r of the Sun

    Great, I&#39;ll try this code for my cartoon site!

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    Sorry for the simple question, but I am a novice. Is there a way to have an image rather than the &quot;View Random Post&quot; text? It would be nice to be able to use an eye-catching image asking the reader to click it for a random post.

  • John Smith

    <b>Nick S.</b>, yes it&#39;s possible to create an image for this! I will update this post in the future with a tutorial on how to implement this into your blog. Stay Tuned!

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