Some blogs and webpages have obnoxiously long pages that go on forever… and that’s where this widget comes in handy. As you can see, there is a small floating arrow at the bottom-right of this page. It always maintains the same position. Scroll down a little in your template, then if you click on it, it will take you to the very top of the page.

Why it’s a good thing?

  • Saves your visitors from an unnecessary hassle of scrolling up.
  • The icon does not interfere with your content.
  • You can use your own image in order to blend in with your own blog.
+- Get the Floating Icon Widget

For Google Bloggers:

The html code:

Customizing the Icon Image:

  • If you wish to change the arrow image to something else, then find this line below and replace it with another image url

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    Where do insert the code in a WordPress blog?<BR/>Thanks.

  • John Smith

    @<B>Anonymous</B>, for wordpress try inserting the code between the two body tags.<BR/><BR/>If this doesn’t work, please let me know.

  • Admin

    hey nice widget but just wanted to tell you that this widget doesn’t work with internet explorer

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    I didn’t know it was there until you pointed it out. Who’s going to notice that on higher resolutions?


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    This one could be useful… for everyone else than me. I always use home button. I’m too used to using keyboard in most of my actions by computer.

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  • Alain-Christian

    See? Dieta agrees!

  • Anonymous

    Mine dosen’t float. Am I doing something wrong?

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    I wish more pages had this – anything that improves navigation without hampering usability is a-ok in my book.

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    It is not floating in IE6.I placed the code in a gadget.It is floating perfectly in firefox.What should I do to make it perfect in IE?

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    how about a &quot;go to bottom&quot; button? 🙂

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    Hi, like your &quot;top of page&quot; widget but cannot get it to work by clicking on the &quot;add to blogger blog&quot; link. I can enter the code manually but not sure where to add it? Also, just curious why you do not use the widget yourself?<br /><br />Thanks for your post and work,<br />

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