HitTail is a great tool for those of your who want to increase your search engine traffic. The program will help you build up your less popular keywords which have much potential in terms of gaining search engine traffic. Once HitTail finds your less popular keywords, you can start plugging them into your posts, post-titles, meta-tags, etc.

  • In Plain Terms: HitTail is a keyword suggestion tool.
  • HitTail functions very differently from Google Analytics.

If you decide to give HitTail a shot, please share your thoughts in a comment below…

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    i wonder if this works in a manner similar to google’s adwords, keyword tool. that’s what i’ve used in the past.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08800279997931808628 John Smith

    @kouji,no this is <B>totally different</B> from google adwords. It actually analyzes your own blog and gives you suggestions for keywords to add to your blog. Hope this makes some sense…

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