Create little notes for yourself or make the notes public. Simply select the widget, and type in your note. The widget will save your content as you type. Use the edit dropdown to manage the font and size.

You can also completely customize the appearance of the widget by clicking on the color picker icon to change the background color, the background border to be square or rounded, add a transparency level and even add a custom background image.

  • When you are at the Configuration Page, select the bottom right corner to easily change the length and width of the notepad.

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  • Andrew Lissimore

    Hi there… This is a bit unrelated to your post, but I was wondering how you got the "addthis" widget to display after each post (instead of at the bottom of the page)<BR/><BR/>Thanks,<BR/><BR/>Andrew

  • widgetsforfree

    @Andrew,you need to put the script after the post-footer line of code in your html.

  • taylan

    I search for like this widtget. I try it, and I think this is not useful.

  • Shashikant Yadav

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  • Carol

    this does not work

  • kouji

    looks good. seems like a much better alternative to blogger’s usual text gadget. much more customization with this.

  • Odzyskiwanie Danych

    But why would I need someting like that? I mean it’s like comments but unrelated to anything? So more like shoutbox? I don’t see how this could be useful – it’s nice to see that it’s possible but I don’t think anyone needs that.

  • Dj-Del-Boi
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  • Aya Shin

    umm, i can&#39;t get this widget &gt;.&gt;

  • ISO 9001

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  • Fajrin Ilham Hartanto