User reviews are one of the most valuable interactive features your site can deploy. By building trust and confidence, reviews improve conversion rates, time on site and overall site experience. Users can add their own reviews, rate reviews submitted by others and engage in threaded conversations.

Please take note that when you make a review, you are reviewing that specific url. Below you can click to see the demo and please give this widget or my site a review.
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The HTML code:

For google powered blogs:

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  • Vedis Teh

    Gosh! this is really cool John!<BR/>I am forever greatful.

  • TeoLinux

    This is something else!<BR/>No kidding

  • Anonymous

    This is a really good widget keep them coming !!

  • MaRcE

    cool widget! But I’ve a simple question: How do I put this on my blog?? Where in the HTML? sorry for my english and Thankx!

  • widgetsforfree

    @Marce, I made a new button which says "add to my blogger blog". Hope this helps!

  • Mark Main

    This would be great to add to replace the existing comment form.

  • y4jm

    thanks for the help. it was great.

  • n-man

    I need help. how do you move it on mine it sticks to the top.

  • Ankit

    Amazing…very great !!<BR/><BR/>Review my blog<BR/><BR/>

  • Puzzle Me

    John, this is very useful!<BR/>thanks for sharing…

  • Eric

    Is there anyway that an admin can delete a message?

  • adriana


  • Danish

    Really cool widget<BR/>thankz a million time<BR/>i was searching for it<BR/>thankz once again

  • Sandeep Aparajit

    This is classic….<BR/>Thanks for such a useful widget John !<BR/><BR/>I had a query, how can we embed this, so that it appears for each post?<BR/><BR/>Sandeep<BR/><A HREF="; REL="nofollow"></A&gt;

  • alanakole

    Visit my book Review Blog<BR/>

  • snam

    I have this on my blog but it only shows up on one post (I put it in the post footer) and there is no option for review. Can someone help me?

  • Anonymous

    Nice one..<BR/>Thanks!!


    Thank’s a lot of some free your widget.

  • a cLiL to cLiMB

    I&#39;ll try it for a bit to see how it goes. Thanks! Anyone want to pop over &amp; do me a review?

  • Julong

    Thanks for free widget.

  • Shahzeem

    Nice One !!<br />

  • nEcROmancer

    See at my blog..I place it for each my post…<br /><br />

  • shabnamahsan

    very nice widget….thanks a lot….plz vist my blog &amp; tell me what u like or dislike in my blog

  • ASR VN Fansite

    This is really nice! thank u!<br />luv ur site &lt;3

  • Mirtha García Borges


  • G:)rkan

    I didnt understand where it saves the data. Shouldn&#39;t there be a database to calculate how many votes have been voted?

  • S.M.Saad

    Great post. thanx john smith<br /><br />

  • stevenglobal

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  • Anonymous

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  • Mr. O

    Excellent thanks this site is really useful beyond measure.<br /><br />I would like to know if its possible to make the review widget a full stand alone page on its own just for say customer reviews and testimonials <br /><br />and is there a way to moderate or make it so only actual customers wil write the reviews not just anyone who happens to see the site e.g prevent a jealous competitor

  • Mr. O

    Hi did you get my last message about this review<br /><br />Regards

  • Vijay Kreationz

    Thanks a lot. this is exactly what i was looking for. as an amateur blogger it will really hep me grow…<br /><br />Vijay

  • Edy Obed

    Gracias, lo utilizaré y luego les cuento

  • mm.saheb

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  • Half Price

    User reviews can go both ways. You need quality reviews and not just spam like you see on you tube. Amazon reviews are really good as mostly they are meaningful. How does this widget ensure the quality of comments?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Chat
  • Meharun Jalgoan

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  • essay writer

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  • james

    need a way to use in blogger pages and a way to vet out any abuse post<br />thanks, its great ideabut too limited for admin use

  • Rockeryck

    nice.. very nice…

  • My Life Is My Blog


  • Anonymous

    If I want to use this for tumblr how do i put this code so that it shows only below each picture and NOt the main blog?

  • Saad Amir

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  • Danish Fareed
  • Soujanya

    Thank u!!!<br /><br />

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thank you for the widget. Could you provide us more info on how to move the widget to the desired locations and how to access the database where the reviews are stored. Do tell us how to delete unnecessary reviews or spams

  • Justin Bieber

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