A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. They’ll be able to chat with you whenever you’re signed in to Google. If you don’t have a google account please click here. This chat widget works for any website or blog.
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    Hi! I just saw the link! Much thanks, my friend!<BR/><BR/>I will also put up your link back at my site! Give me 1-2 days, will let you know once it’s up – am currently on the road, buddy.<BR/><BR/>Again, thank you very much!<BR/><BR/>:)

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    ANiTOKiD ,<BR/>Thanks for the update.<BR/>Sincerely,<BR/>-John


    Hi John!<BR/><BR/>I just put your link back at my site my friend.<BR/><BR/>It’s under the sports blogs & sites section.<BR/><BR/>Hope you like it, my friend!<BR/><BR/>AnitoKid<BR/><BR/>P.S.<BR/><BR/>I will also include your link<BR/>under my Mama Links blogroll, my friend. Hope you like the nice surprise, John!<BR/><BR/>All the best!

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