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Outbrain Rating Widget
Give your readers the option to rate your blog posts.
Are you curious to know what your readers think about your site’s content? By adding the outbrain rating widget you will get immediate feedback from your readers, and they will get easy and quick access to your best content. This widget works for Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, a website/javascript, and Feedburner.

Just go to to get started with any blog platform.

Add Outbrain Ratings to your Blogger blog


  1. Click on “Template”
  2. Click on “Add page element”
  3. Click “HTML/Javascript”
  4. Copy and paste the code below
  5. Click “Save”

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  • Khris Loux

    Hi!<BR/><BR/>Be sure to review JS-Kit <A HREF="; REL="nofollow"> Ratings </A> too.<BR/><BR/>JS-Kit also has a <A HREF="; REL="nofollow"> Navigator Badge </A> that shows the top rated posts on your site.<BR/><BR/>Best,<BR/><BR/>Khris, CEO<BR/><A HREF="; REL="nofollow"> JS-Kit </A><BR/><BR/>khris at

  • Yaron Galai

    Thanks for the post – we’re happy you found the outbrain widget useful! <BR/>If there’s anything else we can help you with, please either visit our support forum at – <A HREF="; REL="nofollow"></A><BR/>Or drop me a note directly to galai [at] outbrain [dot] com<BR/><BR/>Thanks!

  • Nate Brocks

    I prefer using the outbrain rating system because I have no idea how to put JS-Kit Ratings on my blogger blog.

  • Ol!ver/OliOwl

    Is there a way to change the size of the stars etc?

  • widgetsforfree

    Oliowl,<BR/>Changing the size of the stars is not possible. The Outbrain Rating widget is being updated and improved constantly and will be surely customizeable soon. If you have any other question please visit

  • Jerome Eteve

    John, thanks so much for sharing this widget. I’ve found it to be so useful for my blog, and my readers are loving it!

  • widgetsforfree

    My pleasure Jerome!<BR/><BR/>I thought this widget would be a great hit among bloggers. Yes indeed this is very useful for you to get excellent feedback from your readers and is also wonderful for your readers as well.

  • Mizake

    HI this is nice<BR/>Anyway you have a good blogger layout design I’m so impressing.

  • Thomas


  • Crotalus

    Hi,<br />Totally loved it! Simple and nice integration to my blog posts.<br />I would like to inquire whether is there anyway to make the star rating to be shown at the main blog page (eg. beside the blog post title)?<br />Currently the rating will only be shown when i’m in the individual post page. I’m thinking of making the rating visible to visitors straight away from the main page.<br /><br /


    This widget makes my blog load too slow.

  • Admin

    thanks ! just used it !

  • Anonymous

    Kiss For you

  • ISO 9001

    thank u very much for this comment.