Add a search engine in the sidebar of your blogger blog. This searches all the posts on your blog, and displays them by latest posts first. Inside the search bar you will find the text “Search this Site”, this can easily be changed to any text you desire. Such as “Search my Site”, “Search”, “Type and Hit Enter”, etc. Just simply replace the code. You can also change the text “Go” on the button to something like “Search”, “Find”, etc.

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  • Fitri

    I tried two search widgets from widgetbox, & they wouldn’t work. Then I stumbled here, & this widget works perfectly at my site. Thanks a lot!

  • free-widgets

    Thanks for the widget. It works great for my site! I’ll blog about this!

  • Jacker

    Very handy and better then the search bar located on the navbar (top right of blog).

  • Anonymous

    It worked on my page…<BR/>DKL

  • papew

    hey , thanks for this…<BR/><BR/>it works great!


    thanks man

  • Emmylou

    That worked well, despite trying a few that didn’t. <BR/><BR/>Your site is really useful, thanks!

  • Emma

    Thanks, that worked really well!

  • whitekidz

    tx br0 4 share…y0u have great bl0g

  • Gitanilla

    Thanks for the widget. It works well, except that it doesn’t search the tags. Do you know how to fix that using the html code?<BR/><BR/>Congratulations on your blog. Really useful and easy to navigate. I’ve put a link in my blog to your. Many thanks<BR/>

  • John Smith

    @Gitanilla, I’m not sure that this hack is possible… Why do you need to search the tags, when you can just click on them?

  • Gitanilla

    Yes of course I can click on the tags. The thing is, I placed the search box to make easier for the reader to search. For example some of my short stories are in English but the title of the story nor the text of same mentions the word English. If somebody comes and see all in Spanish and searches the word English he/she won’t find anything because the search is limited to the title of the entry

  • John Smith

    @Gitanilla, now I see what you mean indeed! If I find the HTML code I will make sure to let you know…

  • Anonymous

    i love it!! thx a lot.. work like a charm!!

  • brandon

    Is there any way to have the search widget search the comments in a blog?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the help!

  • Birgitte

    Thank you, it works great!

  • Perspective Shift

    Thanks, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

  • ^^JaMA

    woah! thank u very much <BR/><BR/>;)

  • alamodestuff

    Truly the easiest widget I’ve ever added to any site. Thanks!!

  • Chris H.

    THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • عبدالرحمن اسحاق

    umm can i type it between Qutos ?<br /><br /><br /><br />

  • Programs and the new games 2010 here

    Thanks for the widget<br /><br /><br />

  • Programs and the new games 2010 here

    Thanks for the widget.<br /><br /><br />

  • Martí

    HI,<br />it worked fine for a while, but i am realizing that it doesn&#39;t actually find things that do exist on my blog. this is the link to it<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">CAD Addict</a><br />i have almost 200 posts, can it be that this system has a limit of how many posts does it search?<br />I search for EXTRIM which actually exists on my blog under <a href="http:/

  • Boris Levalle

    Thanks! Cool widget<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Croatian Crescent</a>

  • Anup

    hi, it works but you forget to out endtag on input tag.<br /><br />

  • Metal Head Forever

    this thing just don`t my blog 🙁 , <br /><br />

  • com2.0

    Hi friend:<br /><br />If we want to search &quot;title only&quot;, but not include content…..what should we do??<br /><br />Thanks.

  • com2.0

    Hi friend:<br /><br />If we want to search &quot;title only&quot;, but not include content…..what should we do??<br /><br />Thanks.

  • (¯`·.º_Khánh Trắng_º.·´¯)

    Thanks for this widget. It works well.<br />Have a nice day!

  • Attaullah khan

    Not working.. only one movie post show in search Avatar… but another movies search not show.. I doubt starting 40 posts its work properly but today my blog i think 160 above posts and i really need this but its not working. Help Me. <br />You can&#39;t believe check please. <br />Thanks. <br /><br />

  • Anonymous

    not working not my site<br />

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, when i type some keyword, it works but it only shows the recent posts i made with the relevant keyword that i&#39;m searching.. but the earlier posts are not shown altough it has the same keywords as what i&#39;m searching for… <br /><br />Can you fix this?

  • Randa

    I experienced the same problem as Mr. Anonymous above me. When I search for some keywords it shows me an incomplete results. <br /><br />Some results are missing, although I know that it should exist on my blog.<br /><br />for example when I&#39;m searching with keywords &quot;Selamat datang&quot; without quotes, I got 0 results. But actually the post containing that keywords is exist on http://

  • googlepeoplesucks

    I think the incomplete search results problem comes from google or blogger itself, and it only affects to a newly created blog.. dunno why but the the google people said that they&#39;re working on it since two months ago.. but seems like they&#39;re doing nothing on it..<br />I&#39;m a little bit embrassed about this. actually I dont wanna move but if they still not doing something on this, then

  • lirik

    thanks for this works great 🙂

  • Swaran

    Hey buddy thanks

  • Asteriks

    Thanks!!!<br />It&#39;s WORK…<br />I&#39;m bookmark it<br /><br />I apply in my blog<br /><br />thanks again 🙂

  • Anonymous

    thanks <br /><br />better than custom google search wigdet from blogger

  • Naser

    This widget is fantastic this has beaten goole serach box also thanx for sharing this cool widget

  • mac

    i want seach form, and the result is post summary with thumbnails, this is my blog… the result of my search is title only, what code to work with thumbnails?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks.<br />I added it just now and it works.

  • Brittany + Casey

    thank you 🙂

  • Rahul Singh

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Miss Priss Morgan

    Does this allow to search for only Blog Titles? I keep typing in general words, like one of the words I have as a &quot;label.&quot; However I don&#39;t get search results only a message that says:<br />&quot;The search feature is limited on this blog by owner&#39;s request. Show all posts&quot;<br /><br />how do I fix this?

  • Siddharth

    i need search box for my site my site having more than 1800 post . so most search box not working properly. even though the post is present.<br /><br /><br /><br />

  • Anonymous


  • free tutorials

    Thanks a lot,iam using it

  • Zirthang

    Thanks for the widgets<br /><br />

  • silviu

    hy thank you very much 4 the widget it really works…but…there&#39;s a but. i saw that it search only the post titles? how do i tag my post 4 example i post a new movie than i want to tag it to , drama, thriller, 2010, 2008, etc. so the search bar caould find and these kind of words, because my visitor i bet it would search 4 this kind of words, instead of the direct title movie that he doesnt

  • DXN network

    hi there,<br />thank you this search engine. It works in my blog. Thank you again.

  • randy vaughan

    it&#39;s the only i&#39;ve found that actually works!…thanks very much…


    thanks for the info. it made wonders 🙂

  • megan

    I put this in my sidebar, and it seems to be searching my sidebar instead of my posts. Has that ever happened to you and how do I fix it?

  • Japavc

    Thanks for making this search bar! I got it running on my site, the only problem is that it doesn&#39;t search my tags and randomly search my titles. Is there any way around it? Thanks a million!

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  • ISO 9001

    thank u very much for this comment.

  • Colin Hall

    I&#39;m sure that your search works fine, but I&#39;ve just undergone a url migration and I&#39;m only getting results from the last days posts. Have you heard of this before and do you think it will sort itself once the migration is complete ?<br /><br />Many thanks

  • sawah

    thank u man

  • Expansion Technology

    @Collin Hall<br /><br />I had the same problem.<br />My Search Box did not work for several weeks, it happened after I changed the web address.<br />To make the story short, I got it to work by setting the &quot;Post Date and Time&quot; to Automatic.<br /><br />Check out my blog:<br /><br /><br />Here are the steps:<br /><br />*Go to Edit,<br />*Select Edit (

  • Greek Webcams

    Limited search results.<br />I don&#39;t want to set the &quot;Post Date and Time&quot; to Automatic.<br />Thank you anyway.<br /><br />

  • [GTG]Admin

    awesome tricks and techniques !<br /><br />love reading more and more of your posts.<br /><br /><br /><br />,Thanks man !

  • Davide Ganz

    Here is a Tip to Make a Nicely Working Blogger Search :)<br />

  • Pressure

    this add on works great! Thank you very much!

  • Rajesh Patel
  • Anonymous

    Really helping my pages…

  • Azeez


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  • Ifinder

    Sir. Me new to this tech. So creative and helpful this blog. Do this search widget searches also with in comments? With regards.

  • sangeee

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  • Chennaitian

    Nice it worked.. thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    Doesn&#39;t work for older posts. Only for newest ones. Siiiighh :(<br /><br />Every search box I checked is like that.<br />Thank you anyway tho ;)<br /><br />I guess I&#39;m stuck with the google search box, (that takes me to the google page every time I search for something on my own blog) until a solution from blooger is found.<br />The problem with the blogger search box goes back to 2009

  • Admin
  • Anonymous

    It works! Thanks.

  • @ginabegin

    I love how simple this is. It doesn&#39;t intrude on the look of my site (unlike the built in search button from Blogger itself). I try to keep my site uncluttered and this works great for that!

  • Mark

    does not work , it&#39;s not finding anything

  • Gahl

    Amazing thanks


    Thank You For this widget…….<br />I really Worked

  • Abid khan

    Cool Thankx for sharing, its working on my blog

  • A.M.. Jordan

    This search widget worked!!! Thanks so much. All the others I tried did not. You rock!

  • @Up_in_Smoke

    Kudo&#39;s….i have busted my head looking for something that actually worked….you guys are geniuses THANK YOU!

  • Vegan Magic

    Thank you! The widget works perfectly. Happy Holidays!

  • InspiredBlogger

    Thank you, finally a search bar that works! Just so you know, your efforts are helping and being appreciated by people! Keep it up 😀

  • CCSPW Engineering

    It works, and much more better than the previous one i use

  • Arman

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  • Posao u svajcarskoj

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  • Biz Burnett

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    Awesome! Works perfectly on <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br /><br />Any way we can customize the look? See round borders, bigger box height etc?

  • MrPT

    Works like a charm, unlike the one blogger has by default. tks

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  • Saddiq Ur RehMan SaddiqI

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  • Pirate

    that&#39;s amazing! worked from the first time, unlike the other one I just tried<br />didn&#39;t even have to edit anything and does exactly what I wanted it to do!<br />thanks so much for this

  • Anonymous

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  • Rabbi

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  • Malou

    Wish you could write something about a suggestion box widget for blogger. 🙂

  • Spotlight

    It works for me but it shows all the video content of my posts that it causes to load very slowly… I want to post titles only… please help… this is my blogs where I used the codes…

  • Hammad

    Thanks for sharing . It working perfectly…

  • Web Design

    Nice Blog!!

  • thediynurse

    Hi… I love this. So clean and understated is so hard to find these days. It worked on my blog but for some reason it gave me two boxes. One that has the &quot;search here&quot; or whatever and the go next to it and a blank one underneath.<br /><br />how do i get rid of the second one?

  • Chini Live

    Its the best search widget i&#39;ve used to date

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