Hi, I’m James Morgan, and I am proud to power WidgetsForFree™, which is one of the few blogs that I run. This site is dedicated to providing your blog with great resources and tools. Many of these resources and tools include blog widgets, blog tips, how to make money, etc. Although I do have some desktop widgets posted, there will be no more of these from now on. From here on out I will only post within the blogsphere, which means widgets and resources for blogs.

  • If you’re wondering what in the world a web widget or so called “blog widget” is, then click here to find out. And if you’re still confused, check out Wikipedia’s definition.
A web widget is usually a mini-web application you can put in your web page, blog or social profile that can quickly and easily provide your visitors with, user specific information , extra functionality, and even a bit of fun and games. Web widgets get can be very useful and enhance your blog drastically by providing essential necessities to your web pages.

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