Create Image Hover Over Effect

Create your own attractive Simple Rollover Buttons and Images. This will enhance your webpage dramatically. As you can see above is a beautiful example. Now hover over the image and you will see a new image being displayed. The image above is in black and white. When you hover over, a copy of the image in color is then displayed.

+- Create your own Rollover Image

Copy and paste the code below. The code should be placed wherever you would like the images to appear on your site.

Steps for Customizing Images and Destination URL
  • Search for this line of code. You will find this line twice. Replace both of these lines with your own image.

  • Next, search for this line below and replace it with another image.This image should be the image you see when hovering over.

  • Search for this line of code and replace it with your own destination url.

  • Now search for this line of code below. You will find this line three times. Replace all three lines with your own unique name for the image. This is important if you create more than one of these cool rollover images.


That’s all the steps necessary! If you have any questions please comment below. replace image on hover,

Search eBay Widget

Search the biggest online store in the world with this mini search bar. The eBay search widget is a handy little tool that can be easily added to your blog’s sidebar.

+- Get this Widget

Copy and Paste the code below into your site
  • You can easily change the width of the search bar by searching for this line within the code above. Then change the number 280 to any desired width.


Blog Feedback Badge Widget

Expose your blog to hundreds of thousands of new readers by adding the RateItAll Blog Feedback Badge. Adding the feedback badge to your blog allows your readers to rate and review your blog, directly from the badge.

Adding the feedback badge automatically adds your blog to the RateItAll blog directory. In addition, ratings posted from your blog simultaneously post on exposing your blog to more people. Finally, the RateItAll feedback badge is a great way to build community on your blog, and allows your reviewers to:
– Give public feedback
– Read the reviews that others have posted about your blog
– See the thumbnail photos of others who have reviewed the blog.
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Multi Web Search Engines Widget

The search widget lets you search the Internet using multiple providers including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Icerocket, Technorati, Lycos, Snap, and . The default search is Google, but you can change it by clicking the dropdown in the next field next to the Google logo. This will give you an option of the other search providers and sub-options for those providers. You can also completely customize the appearance of the widget by clicking on the color picker icon to change the background color, the background border to be square or rounded, add a transparency level and even add a custom background image.
+- Get this Widget

Either copy and paste the code below or go directly to Yourminis for a fully customizable widget with your own colors, images, etc.

Sleek RSS Feed Reader Widget

The RSS widget lets you add your own RSS feeds. Simply select the widget, type in a title and a URL for the RSS feed to see content for that feed. You can also configure title or description view, change the font, size, mark as read and more through the edit drop down menu. Additionally you can set up multiple RSS widgets and then apply the properties of one widget to all of them, ie color, size, etc.
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Most Popular Posts Widget

Guide your readers to the most popular and beloved content on your site. This widget gathers information from your blog feeds (rss) to determine the popularity of each of your posts on your blog. You can display your pages’ popularity based on this year, month, week, or today. The popularity is based on the amount of comments, diggs, bookmarks, click throughs, and backlinks.
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Google Talk Chat Widget

A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. They’ll be able to chat with you whenever you’re signed in to Google. If you don’t have a google account please click here. This chat widget works for any website or blog.
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Contact Me Widget

Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service. With Kontactr, you can fight against the amount of spam that you receive daily. Protect your email address by using this highly secure contact form. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and your users will be able to email you right from your website.  This blogger widget will definitely be a great addition to your blog!

  1. Embedded on a webpage version [check mine out].
  2. Sleek Pop up version [check out the button above]

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Google Translate Widget

Draw more readers to your blog with google’s translate widget! Add the Translate gadget to your webpage, and offer instant access to automatic translations of that page. Copy and paste the code below into your blog or website.

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